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About Us

SEIMITSU is a true American success story, built on hard work and customer focus. Founded in 1984, the company is based in Savannah, Ga and is locally owned by Seimitsu “Sam” Cook and Cynthia D. Cook. The company is also the proud recipient of 2016 Small Business Administration’s Family Owned Business of the Year.

Seimitsu offers a full suite of telecommunications and information technology (IT) solutions to national carriers, enterprise, small business, healthcare, governmental and educational customers. The company focuses on three distinct service offerings: fiber network and related telecom/data services; IT consulting services; and outside plant construction services. Seimitsu has over 34 years of experience in developing communications and data networks that serve a broad range of businesses and organizations.

Seimitsu has developed a fiber network to serve commercial accounts within Savannah and surrounding areas. The network contains almost 5,000 fiber miles with 50+ miles of underground conduit with plenty of spare conduits for future growth. Current and future opportunities are bright with public/private partnerships while continuing to add miles.

Seimitsu specializes in custom business IT solutions

So what are your needs? Assistance with networking or network management? Business-grade Internet or wireless? Better-performing IT infrastructure? More flexible and affordable phone service? Dependable video surveillance? In any or all of these areas, SEIMITSU’s team of professionals can deliver the solution that’s right for you, tailored to your business.

IT Services

The speed and efficiency of your business is directly related to the condition of your computer network. Whether you need custom installations or reliable maintenance, SEIMITSU stands with you to ensure you’re keeping a competitive edge. We can save you time and money while showing you ways to make more money with your IT assets.

Data Solutions

The telephone is the basic building block of your business’ communications. Most of the time, it is your most personal link with your customers. The quality and reliability of your phone system speaks volumes to prospects about your standards of doing business. It is the main tool for interfacing with your suppliers. It can be one of the best investments in your business.

Infrastructure Services

Your business should not be limited by physical restraints on your network, communications and security capability. Whether you want to add T1 lines, upgrade your security system or build a new facility, SEIMITSU is your best choice. We can also provide enhanced wireless capability for existing or growing networks. Your customers and employees can benefit from secure, high-speed wireless networks to provide a seamless boost to your productivity.

Voice Solutions

After connectivity, the system selection is the next choice. Whether your business needs a simple number of handsets or a sophisticated exchange integrated with your network, SEIMITSU can design, install and maintain a reliable, cost-effective plan with room for growth. After connectivity, your phones are the logical next decision. Whether your business needs a simple phone system or a PBX system that integrates with your network (IP PBX), SEIMITSU can design, install and maintain a reliable, cost-effective plan with room to grow.

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