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Voice Solutions

Voice, Fax, and Management

Telephone systems today offer a vast array of options and efficiencies and provide huge cost-savings over traditional systems. SEIMITSU will review, consult and provide efficiency-based recommendations for your telephone systems both wired and wireless. With SEIMITSU’s guidance, your business telephone system can enhance your business’s productivity and responsiveness to your customers.

Business Voice Solutions

Do you need to expand the capacity of your existing phone service? Or do you want to reduce the cost of your current capacity? Either way, contact us. We’ll be happy to set up a consultation, review your phone bill, and walk you through your options. We can almost certainly start saving you money immediately – at service levels equal to or better than what you currently experience.

Hosted PBX / VoIP Solutions

Do you need a high-performance phone system? As a Zultys distributor, SEIMITSU offers IP telephony solutions that can be customized to fit your business needs. By implementing the Zultys MX system and phones, we are able to deliver the solution that’s right for you, including all the benefits of IP telephony while being cost effective and having a consistent dial tone.

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